Date Night Ideas Under $30 (some are even free!)

Whether you're dating, recently engaged or newlyweds, date nights are an important part of any relationship. When my Cole and I first started dating, we would go out to eat for almost every meal. It was expensive, unhealthy and exhausting but neither one of us wanted to be the lame one on a Friday night to say "hey, can we actually just cook and watch something on Netflix tonight?" Well, luckily that only lasted about a month and it turns out we are both big home bodies and love staying in together. Recently we've had a lot going on in our lives and those simple nights at home are even more special to us. So today I wanted to share some easy, inexpensive date night ideas for you and your significant other. 

Free Exercise Class: There's always new gyms popping up around us and most of them offer free classes or some kind of promotion for the first few weeks that they're open. Sign up for a spin class and grab brunch together afterwards.

Volunteer: What a great way to spend some free time on your weekends together while also giving back to your community. Whether it's volunteering at a local animal shelter or teaching Sunday School at church, find a cause that's really important to both of you and get involved. 

Amateur Sporting Event: Most cities have amateur sports teams and the tickets are usually pretty cheap to attend their games. They usually have theme nights like $2 beers or bring your dog to the park. Invite some other friends to come with you and make a fun afternoon out of it. 

Explore Your City: Most of us never explore the cities we actually live in. Check out your local museums or find your visitors bureau website and see what's happening in your city. 

Get Outside: Take your coffee to-go and take a walk Saturday morning instead of watching TV or sitting on the couch on your phones. Take some time to get outside, take a walk, go for a hike, or go for a bike ride and enjoy spending quality time together without any distractions.

Cook Dinner Together: This might seem like the most obvious and possibly the most boring date night idea to some of you but it can actually be really fun. We love to cook dinner together but during the week it's usually our go-to meals that take 30 minutes or less made by whoever got home from work/the gym first. So on the weekends, we like to pick a "fancy" meal, make a trip to Whole Foods or the local farmers market to get fresh ingredients, put on some music, open a bottle of wine and catch up on what happened during the week while we make a delicious dinner. Depending on what you make, this one might be a little over the $30 but I guarantee you it would be less than ordering steak and a glass of nice red wine at a restaurant!