About Marie Rose Events

Hi there, my name is Kristen Lauck and I am the Owner and Lead Planner at Marie Rose Events. I currently live in Oklahoma City with my fiancé but I was born and raised in Plano, Texas and still consider myself very much a Texas girl. After graduating from The University of Oklahoma, I worked in Dallas in corporate marketing and events for a luxury retailer and national non-profit before moving to Oklahoma City in January 2016.

I’ve always had a passion for weddings and have spent the last two and a half years working on the weekends as an event coordinator, design assistant and intern for wedding planners in both Dallas and OKC. After coming home late one Saturday night after working a wedding for 14 hours, I was recounting the entire day and my fiancé said “this is the happiest and most energized I’ve seen you in a long time.” I decided right then and there that 2017 was going to be the year I finally started my own company doing what I love.

I started Marie Rose Events with the goal of providing high quality, full service wedding planning services to best serve my clients throughout the entire planning process from start to finish. In order to do that, I take time to get to know my clients, to hear their stories, to meet their families and friends so that I can plan the most personalized, meaningful wedding for that specific couple. I want your guests to walk into your wedding and immediately know that it is your wedding. I take great pride in the service that I provide and that's why I named my company after three generations of women who love to host and serve others. 

As a bride-to-be myself, I know how much my clients have going on right now that has nothing to do with the actual planning process. You’re trying to figure out if you have enough vacation days at work for your honeymoon and bachelorette party. You’re wondering what time the post office closes and if you can make it there to drop off those thank you notes before hitting that spin class you signed up for because #weddingdiet. Trust me, I get it. So that is where I come in, to handle all of the other details related to your wedding. I promise I will do everything I can to make your life easier and give you the wedding of your dreams. I have a feeling we may even become really good friends after this process.

If you’re not bored of me yet, here’s a few quick facts about me:

I lived in London for 3 years when I was younger and love to travel. Next stop: Turks & Caicos for our honeymoon!

I’m the oldest child and only daughter with two younger brothers. I also have mostly boy cousins and went through a serious tomboy phase in elementary school which resulted in several broken bones from doing things like jumping off the monkey bars.

I love having fresh flowers in the house and always pick up new ones to start off my week. I also have a thing for candles. 

I make spreadsheets and lists for everything. If you’re taking a trip to a city I’ve been to, chances are I have a guide ready to go for you. And if you are ever in the market for reviews of the most natural looking self tanners, I’m your girl.

I eat very healthy (like Whole30 healthy) 95% of the time but my favorite food still is and always will be pizza. And cupcakes.