Travel Planning Tips & Resources

I've mentioned before that I really like researching things and creating spreadsheets and lists. It helps me feel more prepared and also gets me really excited about my upcoming trips. Here are a few of the resources I swear by when researching and planning my vacations.

Local tourism websites - I always like to check out the tourism website for the city I’m visiting. They have great tips about travel as well as places to stay, things to do and tips to help you be prepared upon arrival like currency, language, etc.

U.S. News & World Report Travel - I always find myself researching destinations on this website. Not only do they rank everything from hotels to restaurants but they have really practical advice like when hurricane season is, when tourism is at it’s highest (often making prices their highest often) and the best time to visit that specific destination.

TripAdvisor - I use this website a lot when planning activities or booking restaurant reservations. I like that you can filter on the review section to get more specific results. 

Hopper - You input a destination and dates for an upcoming trip into the app and then it tracks prices for you. It will tell you whether you should book now or wait for the price to drop and will even send you alerts whenever there is a price change. Download it in the app store. 

Do you have any other travel resources you use? I am always looking for great tips to use on my next vacation... especially when it saves me money. Leave them in the comments below!