Will You Be My Bridesmaid?

Who doesn’t love to receive mail? Especially when it’s your friend asking you to stand by their side on their big day! I’ve linked a few ideas below at all different price points and with all different levels of DIY effort.

1. Packed Party THE Bridesmaid Package

I first learned about Packed Party when I saw their “breakup box” aptly titled “You Don’t Need ‘Em Anyway.” I thought it was such a cute way to send your friend a little pick me up after a breakup. They have a couple different boxes to choose from now and the “Yay You” or “You Pampered Thing, You” packages are great for bridesmaid. They’ll even write a custom note for you on their bridesmaid stationery cards before sending it out to your girls.

ONEHOPE Celebration Pack Gift Box.  $49 +$10 shipping charge

ONEHOPE Celebration Pack Gift Box. $49 +$10 shipping charge

2. ONEHOPE Celebration Pack Gift Box

This gift box features their California Brut Sparkling Wine paired with two ONEHOPE champagne flutes and a fun-filled confetti tube. And every box provides 15 meals to children in need.

3. DIY Bridesmaid Package from Inklings Paperie

Are you willing to put in a little DIY work? Then this box is for you! You can instantly download ten different printables like mini champagne bottle wrappers and then follow along with their pictures in the etsy shop to put together the cutest box.

4. Personalized cards from Long Shadow Paper on Etsy

I actually ordered these for my own bridesmaids. I loved that I could add all of their names to make the more personal and I even chose a different color envelope for each girl. All of my girls live in a different city than me so this was a great way to send them a little love in the mail.

Delicate Estates Bridesmaid Wine Labels . $6 each or $20 for a 4-pack

Delicate Estates Bridesmaid Wine Labels. $6 each or $20 for a 4-pack

5. Delicate Estates Bridesmaid Wine Labels

These sassy wine labels are a great way to spice up a bottle of wine. Get all your girls together for brunch or a movie night and surprise them all with their special bottle of wine.



6. Necklaces from Etsy Shop Petal and Paperie

These cute necklaces are such sweet gifts for your girls! I love the card but it's also a great everyday necklace that your bridesmaids will love. 

How did you ask your bridesmaids to be a part of your big day? I'd love to hear about any fun and creative you have in the comments below!